Digital Signage

Digital signage is the industry term for using digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma, and LED displays to communicate with a target audience. Digital signage can be non-interactive and interactive through the use of touch screen, barcode scanner, card swipe, RFID, and other input devices. It is a networkable digital signage system comprising of a small, embedded signage player and network-based content management software. Digital signs break through the clutter and engage your audience. Digital signage allows anyone to become a broadcaster.
No other medium makes it possible to deliver compelling in-store content at the right time for maximum impact. It works whether the goal is to:
It’s why retailers, airports, hotels, universities, medical offices, and others have embraced digital signage. And it’s why you should too.
There are many types of digital signage networks, from fully hosted to simplified stand-alone systems that make it easy update and control advertising content.
Abode can configure your system to run on a variety of hardware, capturing the attention of your target audience with high-definition content, interactive signage, or a network of large and small format displays. We offer more ways to deliver more information, more often, to more people with more impact.
The benefits of digital signage include:
Display various types of media with your digital sign
Display content relevant to a specific site or region
Make content changes and deliver your message quickly
Exercise complete control over your network of digital signage displays from one central location
Lower overhead by removing traditional paper communication
But the true power of digital signage is its ability to deliver high-impact, relevant messages to targeted audiences when it counts.

Why we are always best in the business?

Abode Systems will provide the tools, resources and guidance that will help you successfully implement and maintain your digital signage solution. Our experts will teach you:
Digital signage has helped companies and organizations reach their target audiences. It’s flexible, scalable and easy to implement. And it has become affordable for even small businesses. Learn why so many companies have embraced digital signage as a means to improve both internal and external messaging.