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Writing and publishing your own book has always held a lot of prestige. The perception that authoring your own book creates in others is significant and can positively impact your company’s reputation and market appeal. Whether you write to educate or help promote a product or service, books and specifically, eBooks, are more popular than ever. Plus, an eBook can leverage the viral web to bring you more interest and more sales faster than traditional publishing routes.

Being the author of an eBook gives you instant status as a leader in your industry. Plus your eBook automatically becomes a powerful marketing tool that allows you to:

  • Give-away as a promotional tool
  • Boost word of mouth advertising
  • Use as a loss leader to get prospects to buy
  • Use as leverage to promote your other titles
  • Use in conjunction with an upcoming media campaign
  • Power up your lead generation on your website

The Abode Systems dedicated team of in-house writers will handle every aspect of telling your story. As an experienced one-stop source, we’ll get you setup to quickly sell an eBook online and via mobile devices.

Long or short, the length is up to you. We can create short, to-the-point eBooks or lengthy, highly detailed guides. Either way, you will be known as the sole author of the published work.

Abode staff writers will:

  • Do all required research…
  • Write custom content for your eBook…
  • Handle any revisions…
  • Provide photos, screen shots, and other images…
  • Create a page design and layout…
  • Design an attractive front cover…
  • Provide images of your eBook cover, so you can quickly start promoting it

What type of eBook writing do you need? Perhaps a mini textbook or “how to” book? Whatever you’re envisioning, Abode can make it a reality.

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